SpecChem Project Highlight: BridgeWay Station

The BridgeWay Station development, set in the vibrant area of Mauldin, South Carolina, represents a remarkable milestone in mixed-use constructions. Designed to be a new downtown nucleus, it spans over 400,000 square feet and includes residential, office, and retail spaces. An embodiment of community and connectivity, it aims to enhance the Greenville County community by providing substantial space for local residents and businesses while promising expansion with additional land for future development.

Among the highlighted structures within this massive development, two stand out for their architectural and construction merits—highlighting the utilization of advanced building techniques and materials. The first, a Class-A, three-story office building, constructed primarily of tilt-up wall panels and glass.

The second, BridgeWay Station Block A, a mixed-use building, the first six-story construction project in South Carolina to implement tilt-up techniques. These two buildings showcase the innovative use of tilt-up wall panels, marking it as a trailblazer in the architectural scene.

In these groundbreaking constructions, SpecChem’s products were trusted to bring this project to light. The contractor, Harper General Contractors,  turned to SpecTilt WB, a water-based bondbreaker, to facilitate the seamless execution of these innovative tilt-up wall panels, ensuring their integrity and finish.

Utilizing SpecChem’s products,Harper General Contractors executed flawless finishes that not only contribute to the buildings’ aesthetic appeal but also ensure their durability and sustainability. Notably, the application of OverCrete, applied by Pride Masonry, with integral color transformed the walls with an inviting orange/brown hue, mirroring the warmth and welcome of an Italian village ambiance.

The application of SpecChem’s innovative solutions in the Bridgeway Station project underscores the SpecChem’s commitment to providing high-quality construction materials that cater to modern needs while supporting sustainable construction practices.

For its innovation, the BridgeWay Station project was awarded the 2023 TCA Tilt-Up Achievement Award.

SpecTilt WB

SpecChem’s SpecTilt WB is a chemically reactive water-based tilt-up cure/bond breaker specially engineered to provide a clean, easy lift of tilt-up panels and meet the moisture retention of ASTM C309.

SpecTilt WB contains no diesel, kerosene, waxes, or silicones.

  • Chemically reactive
  • Clean panels lift easier, no resin stains
  • VOC-compliant < 350g/l
  • Resists foot traffic abrasion

SpecChem’s OverCrete is a one-component, polymer-modified concrete repair/resurfacing mortar for smoothing, resurfacing, and restoring concrete surfaces.

OverCrete offers superior durability for all interior and exterior concrete applications.

  • Long work time
  • Ideal for repairing rain slabs and all resurfacing
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Dries to a natural concrete gray
  • Easy to spread/trowel/finish
About SpecChem LLC

SpecChem is a Kansas City-based manufacturer supplying the concrete distributor network with high quality, industry-leading concrete construction materials. SpecChem offers a full line of liquid chemical technologies, including form release agents, paving and curing compounds, finishing aids, cures & hardeners, bond breakers, sealers, bonding agents and surface retarders. They also offer an array of cleaning and stripping products.

Additionally, SpecChem has a line of epoxy products. This line includes adhesive bonding agents, epoxy sealers and coatings, and also high-strength epoxy mortars and grouts.

SpecChem offers an asphalt patching, waterproofing, and damp proofing line of products. These products are for the patching, repairing, and protecting of asphalt surfaces. They also produce asphalt emulsion coatings for waterproofing, damp proofing and protecting a variety of surfaces. These are for exterior below grade and also between-slab applications.

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